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Brief Description

It is an important pilgrimage centre of Swetamber Jains in South India about 80 Kms from Hyderabad. The main deity of this temple is Lord Rishabdev (also known as Manakiya Swami in South India) flanked by idols of Lord Mahaveera and Lord Neminath. There are other eight ancient idols of various Tirthankars on both the sides of the main temple and two new idols of Shri Punadarik Swami and of Shri Gautam Swami are also installed. The statue of Lord Mahaveera is unusual. It is 52" inches tall and said to be of single piece of turquoise. The proportions, facial expresssion and posture in ardhpadmasana mudra is carved in an unique fashion. Two new idols of Lord Simandar Swami & Mata Padmavati are also installed on either side of the main Temple. In the compound there is also Dadawadi where the idols and footprints of all the four Dadagurus are installed.  Chowmukhji Shantinathji temple is being renovated.